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Pet fair of Asia

Time : 2020-02-22 Hits : 78

Galaxy Pet Supplies has been a trusted supplier of professional and consumer pet products in China since 1998.

We have a wide variety of pet products that are being exported to the USA, Europe, Russia, and South Africa.

In 2001 we set up a factory with capabilities of producing soft sided dog and cat toys, leads, collars, and pet clothing. Since then we have partnered with producers of pet toys, brushes, bowls, beds, and accessories which are all warehoused and distributed through our facility. This allows us to supply our customers with all of the pet products they need all in one place and at factory pricing.

It is our highest priority to provide you with the service you deserve while providing you with the best possible quality and packaging.

Your trust and satisfaction is our greatest reward! Please contact us anytime and we will be happy to show you how much we can benefit you and your company. Welcome OEM orders!

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